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Welcome Applicants!

Find it convenient to apply for Camarines Norte State College- College Admission Test (CNSC - CAT) through this accessible website. Please carefully read the STEPS FOR FILLING-OUT AN APPLICATION FORM before accomplishing the Application Form.

The CNSC Online Admission System is for Incoming Freshmen ONLY. This system is not intended for Shifters, Transferees and Returnees. For more info, please visit the Guidance, Testing and Admission Office at CNSC Main Campus.

Before clicking the register button, you need to be ready with your Learner's Reference Number and a valid email address which you can access as this will be used by the system to send your Applicant ID and Password.
1. Register by clicking the Register button in the "New Applicant" panel box.

F1. New Applicant panel box

2. In the "Initial Registration" form, type in all the required fields being asked and provide your Learner's Reference Number (LRN), Email Address and your Password.

3. After clicking the Proceed button, your encoded data will be displayed on the screen. If you do not want to make some changes, you may click the Proceed button to generate your Applicant ID and proceed to the next step of application, otherwise, click Edit and you may change your encoded data before proceeding to the next step. Your Applicant ID and Password will be sent to your Registered Email Address and you will be redirected to the Application Form Page of the system.

4. In the "Application Form" page, input all the required fields. Labels with asterisk (*) are mandatory fields or required to be filled up.

5. In the "Date for Submission of Requirements" section, choose a date from the dropdown menu as to when are you going to personally submit all the requirements to the Guidance, Testing and Admission Office.

6. In the "Academic Preferences" Section, choose from the dropdown menu your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of courses that you wish to study in CNSC.

7. Click the Proceed button when you are done. All your encoded data will again be displayed for you to check and review. Click the Proceed button again to submit your application and save all your encoded data to the database.

8. Once done, you will be redirected to the Applicant's Portal Page containing all your personal information.


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Note:If you are already registered, check the email from "CNSC-College Admission Test Online Application",you will find your applicant ID and your password which will be used to login to the system.